Make a lasting first impression that turns potential customers into buyers with a responsive website that adapts across all devices.

Using a responsive website is a great way to make sure your site ranks well across all platforms, engages your users, and provides a great foundation for digital marketing efforts going forward. SEO campaigns, for example, see positive impacts from making websites responsive. In this day and age, most online searches are made via mobile device - and search engines rank websites accordingly. If your website is responsive and mobile-friendly, it will show up more highly on a search, leading to more traffic to your website from a wider range of users. Once your potential customers arrive at your site, a responsive experience will help keep them interested. An attractive, easy-to-navigate website tends to result in lower bounce rates and higher conversion rates.

In addition to their benefits in attracting and keeping customers, responsive websites are easier to monitor and maintain. If you have separate sites for different devices, you will have two sets of analytics to monitor. A responsive site is just one website, which means you will only need to monitor one set of analytics. Any changes you make to your site will instantly appear across all platforms, making it easier to make updates and keep information cohesive.

Key elements of a great website include:

Professional Design – Your site is created using a series of best practices we've developed through deep experience with businesses in your industry.
Conversion Form – Maximize conversions with a prominently placed web form.
SEO-Friendly Content – Your site copy needs to be “keyword rich” to maximize your ability to show up on search engine results.

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