Mass e-mail marketing is a fantastic tool and is a great way to create awareness about special offers and services that your business is currently offering. It is one of the many digital marketing options you should consider for your business as it provides an effective connection with your targeted audience and therefore gives you the best return on investment.

Our team of e-mail marketing strategists will work with you to create a tailored e-mail campaign that will work with your defined target audiences to share information including special promotions and events - while at the same time driving traffic to your website.

Our email platform specializes in conquest email marketing and direct-to-device display advertising. By utilizing data from Facebook newsfeeds, social media, and the web, we can create a proactive email campaign that targets your precise prospects in a true multi-channel marketing approach.

Email Targeting

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Factors such as credit ratings, behavioral online habits, site-level targeting, and location-based targeting provide the data to determine the exact audience you want your message to reach.

Other targeting criteria available includes:

  • Demographic/Geographic Segments
  • Gender & Ethnicity
  • Relationship Status
  • Age group & Income
  • Homeowners & Zip Code
  • Home Value & Dwelling Type
  • Number of Children

Not only is e-mail marketing fast and efficient, but it is a great way to increase awareness of your brand. Whether you are looking to keep in touch with your audience weekly or monthly, promote a new product or service, or send out a welcome email to new subscribers, we can help! Fill out the contact form on this page or contact our team today to learn more about our email marketing services in Beaumont, TX, and the surrounding community.

Some of the other digital solutions we provide include display advertising, social media marketing, marketing automation, search engine optimization, and search engine marketing.